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Information that can be provided

We are happy to help you if we can. 

However, as court staff we must be fair to everyone and we do not take sides, so we are allowed to help you only in certain ways:

Court Staff CAN:

Encourage you to seek legal advice from a licensed attorney

Provide you with information about available low-income legal services programs

Provide court approved forms and instructions without advising any specific course of action

Provide information on what is requested on forms WITHOUT suggesting specific words to put into the forms

Provide general information about court rules, available citations, legal terminology, administrative orders, procedures and practices

Provide publicly available, non-sequestered information on docketed cases

Provide general information about court processes, procedures and practices, including court schedules and how to get matters scheduled

Provide information approved by the court about appropriate court alternatives and services

Provide general information about community resources

Provide information about proper courtroom conduct and decorum

Court Staff CANNOT:

Endorse specific lawyers or community resources, or contact them for you

Perform legal research by applying the law to specific facts or expressing an opinion about what law applies or whether you should file a case

Create documents for you

Fill in forms for you

Provide interpretation or application of court or administrative rules or regulations, constitutional or statutory provisions, legal terminology, and case law based on specific facts

Provide you with information that has been restricted by court order, statute, rules or regulations or case law

Explain court orders or decisions, or assist or participate in ex parte communications with the judge

Advise you whether you should bring your case to court or give you an opinion about what will happen if you bring your case to court

Predict the outcome of a case filed in court or tell you what you should do

Advise you what to say in court